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The Rehabilitation of Pelaneng Adit

A bit of Background on the Katse Transfer Tunnel and Adit

Tenders were invited in October 1989 and the contract. in the sum of M 582 million, was awarded towards the end of 1 990 to Lesotho Highlands Project Contractors (LHPC), a joint venture of five international and South African contractors lead by Spie Batignolles of France.

With an overall length of 45 km it was necessary to provide for at least two intermediate access adits, and these were located at Pelaneng on the eastern side of the Malutis and Hlotse on the west. The inlet and outlet adits created the possibility of multiple headings for advance of the excavation.

LHDA awarded Esor the contract for the rehabilitation of the Pelaneng Adit in 2021.

This project kicked of in 2022 with a 6-month completion time.

As the refurbishment progressed, additional areas required attention and support which almost doubled the initial duration.

Scope entailed the following :

  1. Drain collected water.
  2. Installation of a permanent drainage system
  3. Scaling rock at suspect areas.
  4. Apply new shotcrete at failed areas
  5. Install DCP Bolts (double Corrosion Protected) and Galvanized G25 anchors.
  6. Installation of a ventilation system.
  7. Installation of a lighting system

Contract Value : R 20 330 577

Duration :            11 Months