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Piling projects typically entail the installation of foundation piles for various structures including multi-storey buildings, bridges, silos, cranes, warehouses, reservoirs etc. Pile types employed include self-drilling anchor (SDA) micropiles, percussion bored micropiles, auger piles (open hole, underslurry and cased) and continuous flight auger (CFA) piles.

Fields Mall Piling

The development included 5 multi-storey blocks with two level basement for office areas, hotel and apartment blocks, with a significant part of the development being ground floor for vehicle parking area and plant areas on grade, upper ground/1st floor on a deck for a retail area.

We installed 373 augered piles between the sizes of 450mm and 900mm. For augered piles, the hole is excavated by rotary action of an earth boring machine until suitable founding material has been reached. The depth capacity of available auger machines under unlimited height restriction conditions is more than 50m in penetrable soil.