The Sanitation Division is a relatively new venture embarked on by Esor Construction, and has been established to target work associated with the backlog of provision of sanitation to all households and schools within South Africa. These works are generally labour intensive, due to the logistics of working within an inhabited area, and therefore provide employment opportunities for local communities. The successful implementation of these projects requires a collaborative effort from all stakeholders.

Sanitation and water reticulation infrastructure is implemented simultaneously in areas that have water-borne sewerage. These works include the construction of top structures, house connections, main-laying and bulk connections. In areas without a dependable water supply or bulk sewer reticulation, the option of dry sanitation facilities are favoured and the most common solution is the construction of VIP’s (ventilated improved pits). Our focus is to target bulk works as implemented by Government entities and organisations that have been mandated to expedite sanitation programmes and these include, and not limited to, The Department of Water and Sanitation, Department of Education, The Department of Housing, District Municipalities and various NGO’s.

Esor construction is well placed to compete in this sector due to our ability to engage and mentor local subcontractors and labour, access to major suppliers improves our buying power and enables us to offer quality products, good health and safety procedures improves service delivery while in-house plant and administration support allows us to provide clients with quicker and easier solutions.