R59 Highway

project Year: 

We completed site establishment in early December 2015 at the R59 Highway and Johan Le Roux corners.  The client is Midvaal Municipality with consulting engineers Gibb and Esor as the main contractor.

The R59 consist of 5 jacks of which 4 jacks are for sewer lines and one jack is for the water main line.  The 5 jacks consist of the following lenghts;  the Highway is 211m long and will have three inter jack sections to maintain an even pressure on the jacks and to prevent the pipe from seizing up.  The end of the jack will also be the start of the Johan le Roux jack that will start about 3m higher than what the Highway jack will end on.  The Johan le Roux crossing at 106m long willl end inside an existing sewer mainhole to be connected on the old line.  The third jack is the water main line and is situated about 5km from the other two jacks at Aandblom Street and is also jacked underneath the R59 highway for a total distance of 98m.  All three these jacks are currently in progress.

The 4th jack will be underneath the railway line at Meyerton and will be 84m long.  The 5th jack will be from the same pit as the Highway jack and is jacked underneath a property for 52m.  This jack will also end inside an existing hole within the sewer line to be connected with the existing sewer system.  All 5 jacks are spected as 1200mm IS pipe, making it very strenuous on the legs of the workers going to the front of the face.  Ventilation will be a big priority and hydration of the workers will be continuous.  Only two workers can be at the face at a time as the working space is so small.  As the main contractor on this project we will also be inserting a HDPE 500/600 OD pipe through the sleeve pipe and will build manholes at the jacking pits.

After spending over 12 months inside a 1200mm diameter pipe, we managed to complete the over 80m jack and see dayling on the 8 March 2017.

With our tireless efforts in mind, the Client has agreed to award some additional works to Esor which include additional manholes and installation that is successfully underway.

The project is estimated to be complete by the end of April 2017.