O6 Palmiet Pump Station - Palm Ridge Reservoir

project Year: 

The O6 project was awarded to Esor in May 2015 with a total of 9 jacks.

Since May 2015 we have finished three more jacks at Palmiet 06 line. These three jacks were handed over to the pipelines crew to push the steel pipe through the concrete sleeves. Our Original scope of work was to construct 9 pipe jacks on Portion B, but we were awarded an additional pipe jack on Portion A of the project. Progress to date on the remaining jacks is 7/91m at J8, 9/92m at J13 and 70/118m at J14. This means we still have adequate secured work on this line to keep us busy for the calendar year.

Typical of the area, we encountered a lot of mud and water at Jack 13 where we had to do piling to prevent mud slides and collapses. This however did not improve the conditions to prevent the mud slides and collapses. The soil was so saturated, that the 3m OD concrete pipe just dug into the soggy soil at the bottom and instead of jacking up, the pipe went down under its own weight.

We, as Esor, had to re-design the jack alignment and thinking on our feet it was decided to stop both jacks 13 and 14 than was planned to go under the N3 and Jack 14 under the secondary road.

The net effect resulted in an additional 20m VO approved, additional income and extended time in which to carry out the project.

In March 2016 we were awarded Jack 8 and right from the start we had difficulties with SANRAL and the Alberton Municipality. The jack was too close to the road and inside the SANRAL servitude and they wanted it moved. We then suggested 5 meters back and this was on a truck arrest road and the Municipality was not content on breaking up the arrest road in the event that it was needed during construction. We then requested for an open cut across the arrest road which was also denied. Eventually the jack went from a 53 meter jack to a 91 meter jack to satisfy every body’s needs.

This decision however brought additional problems that was not anticipated at the time. The pit and 15 meters of jacking is in backfilled ground conditions. With the heavy rains over the past few weeks we encountered numerous collapses in front of our pipe and every time we need to stop and make safe with nails and gunite before we can excavate further. The face of the jack is now under the arrest road and we have entered more solid rock and hopefully we will encounter no more collapses.

The Project's overall completion date is targeted for September 2016.