Low cost housing projects are flying high

Barely six months into its entry into the low-cost housing sector, Esor Civils has already achieved exceptional success that has surpassed all previous expectations.

KwaZulu-Natal is a focus area with projects under way to build 1,000 low-cost housing units in anarea close to Ixopo and a further 500 in the Mthimude Municipality near Port Shepstone. Growth plans include additional projects within the province as well as an expansion of activities into the Eastern Cape.

"Low-cost housing is a new development and it is working out very well," says Mark Rippon, managing director of Esor Civils.

He adds that the move into this market has considerable potential, both for the company and the delivery of improved housing for the disadvantaged.

"Recently increased subsidies will see us producing homes with sanitation, electricity and indoor bathrooms and these upgrades will be incorporated in our future housing projects," he says.

Esor Civils is collaborating with Bigen Africa which provides design, management and quality input into these projects.

The civils team is also taking the opportunity to involve and nurture local enterprises in the low-cost housing industry. Emerging subcontractors with potential are identified and supported with the provision of both training and materials procurement facilities, which assists not only their participation in these projects but gains them future marketability.

Low cost housing