Khutala Colliery

project Year: 

South 32 South Africa (the client) require the specific services of Esor Construction to provide essential infrastructure for the establishment of the new mini-pit mine.

The Khutala Mini Pit coal development lies approximately 7km south of Ogies Town in the Mpumalanga Privince of South Africa.  The project involves the provision of infrastructure required for the establishment of the KSA Mini Pit.

The Khutala Mini Pit Project will mine coal over a period of 3 years starting the delivery of coal to the run of mine (ROM) stockpile within a few months of the start of the project.  The necessary infrastructure to be constructed by Esor is as follows :

*  HDPE lined pollution control dam (PC dam)

*  Access roads

*  Haul roads

*  Dirty water concrete lined drains

*  Concrete works

*  ROM terrace with an environmental GEO liner

The life of the mine is currently set at 3 years, but most of the infrastructure will be required for the future extensions of the mine.

The contract duration for this project is 8 months.  During this period, critical construction elements have been identified to be able to hand over these sections of the work to allow coal to be hauled from the pit to the ROM stockpile on site.  This requires the PC dam, the Pit Haul Road and the ROM terrace to be handed over first.

The Mining haul roads are 26,5 meter wide and will carry haul trucks of up to 250t.  These roads are generally raised above the natural ground level and are constructed with culverts to pass storm water underneath.  The storm water run-off from the mining haul roads are collected and transferred to the PC dams.

All the roads have gravel wearing courses and layer works to provide support for this heavy traffic.

There is one pollution control catchment and storage dam divided into two sections to be constructed on site.  This dam is excavated in the natural soil, but also have walls of 3.5 meter above the natural ground level.