Current Development Projects at Esor


2014   Proud to be part of Diepsloot’s new dawn

The pedestrian bridges built by Esor will make a lasting contribution to the quality of life of Diepsloot residents.

The 20m-high structures are just part of a programme to improve service delivery to the township situated north of Johannesburg. The objective of what is known as the Tanganani pedestrian bridge project is to construct two pedestrian bridges across William Nicol Drive to link the existing Diepsloot on the west with the proposed new Tanganani residential development on the east. The project is valued at R52 million.

The bridges comprise two 70m deck spans with centre columns reaching a height of 18m. The decks are in-situ concrete and are supported by three sets of double columns and one concaved-shaped pier. The columns and wings are shaped in elevation and in plan, and have a fluted finish on the outside faces. The centre column represents the wings of a bird taking flight and the bridges will be finished off by specially designed light boxes.

Esor is also proud to be participating in a host of other improvements in the area. These include the installation of internal infrastructure, involvement in the delivery of more than 9,000 housing units across a range of specifications and prices, the development of two business sites and the construction of a 500m bridge across a wetland area. We hope to begin work on internal services by March next year, and the first houses are scheduled to be handed over in 2016.

Diepsloot has been identified as one of Johannesburg’s major priorities in respect of urban service delivery and with its allocated budget of more than R1.5 billion, local residents should expect some visible improvements over the next few months. Other initiatives will be two primary schools, a high school and a 24-hour healthcare centre.

Following the completion of the pedestrian bridges, our first priority will be the construction of an 8km security wall that will surround the development.

Diepsloot’s new dawn