Skills Development & Training

A key strategic aspect of the group's organisational growth is career advancement from within. The focus in this regard is growing the internal skills pool.

The group is committed to continually enhancing the skills base and facilitate advancement of employees, and makes specific efforts to assist the progress of employees from previously disadvantaged groups.

Ongoing internal technical skills development is provided through classroom, personal mentoring and “on-the-job” training as well as through learnerships and apprenticeships.

The following study schemes have been made available:

  • The Esor bursary schemes
  • In-house further study schemes
  • In-house Esor bursary schemes

Total spend amounted to R3,3 million for the 2015/16 financial year.

In total 14 employees, all of whom were black and five of whom were women, benefited from the bursary scheme during the year. Bursaries to the value of R1,9 million were awarded for a range of degree areas including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, quantity surveying, building sciences and construction management.

In addition training conducted during the year took the form of learnerships, internships, work-integrated learning, informal external training, mentorship programmes and peer-to-peer training. A total of 107 permanent employees participated during the year.