Pipeline earthworks

With the backing of a fleet of new and well maintained plant within the Group, Esor Pipelines provides pipeline earthworks services from site clearance to final reinstatement. A competent in-house survey department allows for Esor Pipelines to offer the complete package in terms of pipeline earthworks, associated structures and ancillary works.

In line with the Esor Pipelines Environmental Management Policy, extreme care is taken to prevent or minimise adverse environmental impacts arising from their operations.  Trench excavations are carried out to design grades, levels and profiles. Associated to the earthworks, Esor Pipelines further sources, transports and stockpiles bedding and padding materials and places and compacts these according to design requirements. 
Further services include:
•    Placing and compaction of common backfill
•    Excavation for other structures such as valve chambers, pump stations, etc.
•    Replacement of topsoil, environmental measures to control erosion and replanting of grasses and plant species (per Environmental Management Plan)
•    Final site reinstatement