Lining and Coatings

Esor Pipelines have established themselves as a leader in the application of pipeline coatings and linings. With in-house inspectors and applicators, Esor Pipelines are able to offer clients complete peace of mind with respect to mechanical linings and coatings.

Esor Pipelines' experience in this field are mostly with (but not restricted to), the following products:

  • Cement mortar lining
  • Fusion bonded epoxy linings and coatings
  • Bitumen fibre glass coatings
  • Three layer coatings
  • Tape wrapping

For unlined new pipelines, Esor Pipelines uses specialised equipment to install Cement Mortar Lining (CML) post-construction. On existing pipelines, the existing linings are removed by high pressure water jetting and then dried using drying "pigs" before being Cement Mortar Lined "in-situ".

Stack yard lining of pipes consists of Cement Mortar Lining the pipes, in individual lengths, in a stockpile before installation.

Installation of epoxy linings is provided either in-situ (after the laying is complete) or in the stack yard.

Due to Esor's market share in the pipeline industry, close relationships have been struck with the manufacturers and suppliers of the various corrosion protection products, enabling them to keep up with modern techniques and advances.