Employment Equity

The group is committed to fostering equal opportunity and has a zero tolerance for any form of discrimination. Policies and procedures in this regard are outlined in the Code of Ethics and Conduct and enforced through disciplinary procedures. There were no reported incidents of discrimination during the year.

The group rewards initiative, effort and merit while at the same time prioritising the advancement of staff from previously disadvantaged groups. Esor is therefore committed to equal employment, training and reimbursement opportunities for all race groups and genders. Specific emphasis is being placed on assisting young Black female candidates wishing to pursue a career in civil engineering by providing bursaries.

When recruiting new employees Esor strives to give precedence to appropriately qualified Black candidates from previously disadvantaged groups. With regard to promotion, Esor has a policy of prioritising existing employees. Where no suitable internal candidates can be identified, the position is sourced externally.

The group is tangibly benefiting from succession planning as seen in the increasing number of newly-upskilled senior employees coming through the ranks to middle management.