Bulk water Pipelines

During the late 1990’s, earlier 2000’s, Esor Civils recognised the severity of water shortage in our rural communities.  Apart from the actual tendered works on hand, they also participated in a water supply scheme with water tankers to far and out of reach communities. 

Some of the contracts awarded were:

  • Mathlase Village, Water Delivery
  • Maphepane Village, Water Delivery
  • Leratong, Moghali City (Krugersdorp), realignment of RWB pipeline
  • Greenside Colliery, HDPE pipeline and pump station
  • Zeerust, uPvc pipeline
  • Phola Mine, HDPE pipeline
  • Leeudoringstad, 400 diameter Steel pipeline
  • Vryburg 500 diameter steel pipeline
  • Various pipe sizes constructed at Kusile Power Station, along with associated structures