Blackmac Bulk Sewage Pipeline

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"The City of Cape Town approached Tuboseal in 2013 to investigate the possibility of rehabilitating the pipeline and utilising its much-needed capacity after many years of being degraded beyond use."

A CCTV inspection was the first and vital step in the rehabilitation process that ensued.  The city conducted several viability studies and finally appointed Aurecon Consulting Engineers to manage the trenchless rehabilitation project, comprising the CIPP lining of more than 3,300 metres of bulk sewer pipes ranging from 800mm to 1200mm in diametre, crossing underneath the N2 freeway and Baden Powell Drive.

Esor Tuboseal was awarded the project at a competitive rate and immediately began the careful logistical planning required in an environmentally sensitive and often inaccessible area.

The construction programme was expedited to ensure cleaning, final design, material manufacturing, shipping lead times and installation happened concurrently.  The dovetail effect of these activities placed the project firmly on track for completion well ahead of the programme and the (hopefully) rainy Cape Town winter.

The work itself was not without its challenges, but it did vindicate the depth of professionalism demonstrated by Esor Tuboseal and its commitment to preserving the natural environment.

"The rehabilitated pipeline runs alongside an ecologically sensitive wetland and the use of trenchless technology ensures that the ecological impact of the project is negligible.  Already 40% complete, we are on track to complete 3,300 metres of pipeline renewal without any significant excavations required."

Esor Tuboseal also adapted its hot water curing process to incorporate a high-performance water cooling system, which enables the recycling of process water and a saving of more than three million litres of drinking water amid critical water shortages in the Western Cape.

Apart from delivering a workd class product on this project, Esor Tuboseal set some audacious goals of 'safety first',  'first time right' and an unwavering resolve to maintain integrity with all stakeholders.