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Democratic Republic of Congo

DRC – Kamoa Box Cut


Kamoa Copper is located 25 km Southwest form a town called Kolwezi in the DRC. Its own by a Canadian. It’s one of the top 3 richest mine on quality of copper in the world. The mine not the traditional open cast copper mine, it been mined the same as gold with shafts. The Komoa box cut lateral Support site is for a portal entrance for a new shaft. The box cut is 380m long by 218 m wide and from 0m on to 40 m deep, to enable vehicles to drive into the shaft. the work consists of mutable anchors and Shotcrete application.

Site Layout:

Scope of works:

The Scope of Works entails the construction of the Kansoko Central Box Cut, Rock Stockpile Platform and temporary Settling located on surface as required for the Kamoa- Phase 2, it consist in 4 section named overburden, bench 1, bench 2, bench 3. this will be excavated in +- 2.5-meter drops to allow for the installation of anchors and Shotcrete. Therefore, includes the following:

– Installation of 1.2m soil nail 9000 no

– Installation of 3 m SDA anchors 527 no

– installation of 6 m SDA Anchors 6536 no

– 3500 meters of wheep holes in 1.5- and 4-meter lengths

– Mesh and Shotcrete of 46600m²

Contract Summary:

CONTRACT SUM:                                              R 90 036 171,88 Excl vat

START DATE:                                                       15 December 2021

COMPLETION DATE:                                        22 June 2022